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Last updated: 01/18/20 at 1:04pm

First Time Visitors

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Welcome to 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort. Whether it’s your first time to the mountain or first time skiing or snowboarding, look below to learn all about what to expect on your first day!



First Time at 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort

Get ready for a great day of snow on the mountain and learn the tips and tricks for making your day as smooth as possible! During our normal operating schedule, the Lodge and Ticket Office open at 8:30am and lifts begin loading at 9am. See the current operating schedule to see the lift schedule and current ticket pricing.

When you arrive at the mountain, let our friendly Parking Attendants direct you to an open spot, then you can unload your gear and head towards the lodge to get ready for the outdoors. 49 Degrees North does not allow Skiing/Boarding in the parking lot and it is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot to the bottom of Chair 1.

Stop by the Ticket Office and Rental shop at the lower level or check in at the Ski & Snowboard School for your lesson. Once you have your lift ticket and are ready to hit the snow, head upstairs to the Quick Turn Cafe for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate before you head outside!



First Time Skiing or Snowboarding?

We know learning to ski or snowboard can be a little intimidating, so make your first day a success and opt to take a lesson through our Ski and Snowboard School! We have certified instructors and great deals, especially if you need to rent gear! 

See what the Ski & Snowboard School has available here!



Rental & Repair Shop

Equipment Tips

-Ski and Snowboard boots fit and feel very different from each other and normal, every day shoes. Toes should lightly touch the front of the boot once they are laced and buckled while you are standing.Toes should not be jammed at the front of the boot or too far away. Boots should fit snuggly around the whole foot, ankle and lower leg, with fairly even pressure everywhere, like a firm handshake.

-We recommend ONE PAIR of lightweight or medium weight TALL socks and nothing else in your ski or snowboard boot. Wool, or a synthetic material like polypropylene are best (avoid wearing cotton). Multiple pairs of socks or extra material from pants, sweats or leggings inside your boot will cut off circulation to your feet or cause terrible discomfort and should be avoided.

-We recommend wearing waterproof and/or insulated pants, with pant legs that are wide enough at the cuff to go over the top of your boots.

-Don’t forget your goggles, gloves, and helmet/hat. We have helmets available to rent in the Rental Shop, and we sell hats, gloves, goggles and more in our Alpine Shop in the main lodge


Watch this video for more information!




Lockers are located at the lower level of the main lodge. Large lockers are renewed each season, contact the business office at (509) 935-6649 x0 for more information and to get on the waitlist. 

Day lockers are available in the breezeway, outside of the lower level of the lodge. These lockers take quarters, change can be gotten inside the Ticket Office during business operations. 49 Degrees North is not responsible for gear left on the upper level of the main lodge.



Tips & Suggestions

You: To be successful on your first day, prepare yourself for an active day in potentially inclement weather. Get in shape before your first day on the mountain and know your physical limits. We never suggest “skiing yourself into shape” as this makes you prone to injuries and too short of days on the slopes. Bring plenty of water and snacks and remember to stay hydrated. Bring lots of layers to accommodate for all potential weather and don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Your Equipment: Rent or purchase your own gear, and make sure it is specifically teched to your needs. Don’t borrow equipment from a friend or your parent’s basement and assume you can make it work. Every person is different, so make sure you are set up for success with the proper gear, safety equipment and settings. Stop by our Rental and Repair Shop for rental help and equipment evaluations and assistance.



Responsibility Code

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