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Last updated: 02/23/20 at 1:35pm

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2019 Events Calendar

Sep 01, 2019 - Apr 12, 2020

Events Calendar

See more event details in Upcoming Events. Dates are subject to change and are weather dependent, see specifics on social media or each event page for updates.

Oct. 18th & 19th - Colville Ski Swap
Oct. 27th - REI Winter Party

Nov. 2nd - Job Fair
Nov. 15th - End of Season Pass Sale
Nov. 15th & 16th - Inlander Winter Party
Nov. 23rd - Thanksjibbing

Dec. 20th - Beginning of Holiday Period (open 7 days a week until Jan. 7th, 2020)
Dec. 25th - Lifts operating from 10am-3:30pm
Holiday Operating Period - Dec. 20th - Jan. 7th

January - Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month
Jan. 1st - Lifts operate from 9am-3:30pm
Jan. 13th - Mastering the Mountain Women's Clinic
Jan. 17th - 20th - MLK Holiday Weekend
Jan. 21st - Primetimer Luncheon
Jan. 18th - Night Skiing/Food Drive
Jan. 19th - Lift begin closing at 4pm daily
Jan. 21st - Primetimer Luncheon
Jan. 26th - Chewelah Peak Challenge/Fat Bike Race
Jan. 28th - Season Pass Bring a Friend for $5 Day

Feb. 7th - Snowfest - Fairchild AFB
Feb. 10th - Mastering the Mountain Women's Clinic
Feb. 14th - 17th - Holiday Operations
Feb. 15th - Night Skiing/Food Drive
Feb. 18th - Primetimer Luncheon
Feb. 18th - Mastering the Mountain Clinic Series
Feb. 21st - Toyota Ski Free Friday

Mar. 1st - Tele-bration Telemark Festival
Mar. 1st - Hips & Hotdogs
Mar. 1st - Brewfest
Mar. 2nd - 3rd - 49 Degrees North Regional Primetimer Event
Mar. 7th - Sneva Demo Day
Mar. 7th - 8th - 5th Grade Passport Family Weekend

Mar. 14th - Sheimo Cup
Mar. 14th - 15th - EEYSL Fast Blast
Mar. 16th - Mastering the Mountain Women's Clinic
Mar. 17th - Primetimer Luncheon
Mar. 17th - Mastering the Mountain Clinic Series

Mar. 21st - Bavarian Race
Mar. 28th - Hawaiian Daze
Mar. 28th - Jaeger's Park Party

Apr. 4th - Oyster Feed
Apr. 6th - 12th - Spring Break
Apr. 12th - Last day of operations


Skiers looking across the valley