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Preparing a mountain for skiing and riding takes more than just snow.  That's where our grooming crew comes in.  When most skiers and riders are drifting off to sleep, we are firing up our 6 Pisten Bully groomers.  From dark until daylight, our dedicated crew transforms the mountain into a corduroy lover's paradise! 

Grooming Stats/Specs

Number of groomers: 6

Kassbohrer Pisten Bully 200  (2)
Engine Type:  Mercedes Benz OM 906 LA
Number of Cylinders: 6
Horsepower: 278
Top Speed: 12.4 MPH                                              Click here for the Grooming Report
Torque: 814 ft. lbs @ 1300rpm
Fuel Capacity: 80 US Gallons 

Kassbohrer Pisten Bully The Edge (4)
Engine Type: Mercedes Benz OM 926 LA
Number of Cylinders: 6
Horsepower: 300
Top Speed: 12.5 MPH
Torque: 960 ft. lbs @ 1600rpm
Fuel Capacity: 50.2 US Gallons


For more information about Pisten Bully Groomers, go to www.pistenbully.com



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