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    Snowmobile Safety

49 Degrees North is now closed for the 2018/19 season

Snowmobile Rules of Use - 2019

1)  No snowmobiles until April 12, 2019.

2)  Daylight hours on weekends only.

3)  Limit weekday snowmobile use to the hours between 1600 and dusk, Maintenance crews are out on the mountain during the day.

4)  Only load/unload snowmobiles at the west end of main parking area, access the ski runs using the road between chairlifts 2 & 3.

5)  There is very limited parking at end of Nelson Creek Road. No trailers. No loading/unloading snowmobiles. Do not block any roads. 

6)  Pack out your garbage.

7)  Slow down for Skiers. 

9)  Do not ride on:

     -)  Areas clear of snow.

     -)  Plowed Roads

     -)  Dirt, grass or bare patches.

     -)  Parking lots (except at the west end of the Main Parking at the only load/ unload snowmobile area)

10)  All Snowmobile use is at your own risk.

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