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Learn to Ski/Snowboard Package - Available weekends and holidays (except Christmas Day)

Feeling adventurous? Want to try something new? Our “Learn To” programs are an incredible value for anyone wanting a taste of the mountain experience. This one day lesson package is designed to get you up and going! The “Learn To” package provides everything you need to start your ski or snowboard career, a group lesson, rental equipment, and a Chair 3 lift ticket that will access beginner and novice terrain.  

·       Ages 12 & Up

·       Learn to Package - $79 - On Sale Now! Click here to purchase.

·       Lesson times: 10:30am or 1:30pm

·       Registration ends ½ hour prior to lesson start time

·       Includes

o   Chair 3 Lift Ticket

o   Rental Equipment

o   1-1½ Hour Group Lesson

EZ Ski 1-2-3 & EZ Ride 1-2-3 - Available weekends and holidays (except Christmas Day) Reservations required

Get on the snow, learn to ski or snowboard, and discover a new sport you're going to love - skiing and snowboarding - winter's fun and excitement! The EZ Ski and EZ Ride 1-2-3 programs make skiing and snowboarding more affordable and easier than ever to learn, and you can't help but enjoy yourself!

This complete package includes three lift tickets, three lessons, and three rentals - all of it: boots, poles, & skis or boots & snowboard. If you've never tried it, get yourself, your friends and your family out of the house and up on the slopes enjoying what we all know (and you'll soon find out) is the best season of the year! Lessons are offered at either 10:30am or 1:30pm.

This is a special introductory program with a focus on teaching a strong foundation for those who have never skied or snowboarded, or those who may need to rebuild their confidence on the slopes. All participants will begin in a "first day" ski or snowboard group. 

Please make your reservations at least 24hrs in advance.

·       Ages 12 & Up

·       EZ 1-2-3 Package - Please call for more information. Limited availability left this season.

·       Lesson times: 10:30am or 1:30pm

·       Includes:

o   Chair 3 Lift Tickets for 1st and 2nd visits

o   All Mountain Lift Ticket for 3rd visit

o   Rental Equipment for each visit

o   1-1½ Hour Group Lesson each visit


Learn to Ski/Snowboard “Upgrade” – Available weekends and holidays (except Christmas Day)

Not sure if you want to opt for the Learn to “Plus” package? You can come back in anytime before 1:30 and “Upgrade” to get an All Mountain Lift Ticket and a second group lesson to continue your progress or explore more of the mountain. 

·       Ages 12 & Up

·       Upgrade from the basic Learn to Package - $39

·       Add-ons

o   All Mountain Lift Ticket

o   PM Lesson Session (1:30pm)

Learn to Ski/Snowboard “Plus” Package - Available weekends and holidays (except Christmas Day)

Upsize your learning potential with the extra value of the Learn to “Plus”. All of the great value of the Learn to Package, plus the “Upgrade”, but by purchasing all at once you save enough money for lunch, or maybe a few beers. The Learn to “Plus” package provides everything you need to start your ski or snowboard career, a morning and an afternoon group lesson, rental equipment, and an All Mountain Lift Ticket that will grant you access to the entire mountain.  

·       Ages 12 & Up

·       Learn to “Plus” Package - $119

·       Lesson times: 10:30am and 1:30pm

·       Registration ends at 10:00am

·       Includes

o   All Mountain Lift Ticket

o   Rental Equipment

o   Two 1-1½ Hour Group Lessons


Signature Private LessonAvailable daily

Our Signature Private Lesson is a fantastic way to get personalized attention in the art of skiing, snowboarding or telemarking. You’ll get your very own coach who will keep things moving at a pace that works for you, making sure that you are not only learning, but in the most comfortable atmosphere possible. We offer instruction at all ability levels, so whether you are a new participant, you’ve made a recent return to the sport, or you want to break through to the next level, we can help you reach your goals. Schedule a time with your favorite coach or let us match you up with one of our Pros. *Reservations Highly Recommended

  • Ages 7 & Up
  • 1 Hour Private Lesson - $89 
  • 2 Hour - $149 
  • 1/2 Day - $199
  • Full Day - $299
  • Rental Equipment - $20ea
  • Add Person - $49ea


Signature Private Sessions Available daily

Purchase 4 of the same Private Lesson products at one time and we will throw in a 5th one for free! You’ll get 5 Signature Private Lessons for the price of four.

  • 1 Hour Sessions - $356
  • 2 Hour Sessions - $596
  • 1/2 Day - $796
  • Full Day - $1,196

o   All five lessons must be the same, and used by the same individual

o   Other participants can be added at an additional cost

o   The lessons must be purchased in one transaction (not valid on previous purchases)

o   Sessions Lessons are valid for the current season

o   Reservations are highly recommended




Skill Builder Lesson - Available weekends and holidays (except Christmas Day)

The Skill Builder coaching program focuses on skill development for the Intermediate and Advanced skiers and snowboarders. We offer morning or afternoon sessions to help you continue your progress, or to help you break past that plateau. Whether you are a newer participant or you’ve been stuck in a rut, we have the coaches to help you achieve your goals!

·       Ages 12 & Up

·       Lesson Only - $49

·       Lift, Lesson, & Rental Package - $119

·       Add a 2nd Lesson Session the same day - $39

·       1-1½ Hour Group Lesson

·       Lesson times: 10:30am or 1:30pm 

·       Registration ends ½ hour prior to the lesson start time

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