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Even though the lifts are closed, there all kind of things to do on the mountain during the summer.  Temperatures are a good 10 degrees cooler on Chewelah Peak during the hot summer months, so come on up and get out of the heat! 

Summer Hiking Routes

Red - Easy 
Blue - Intermediate (Summit Route)
Orange - Sunrise Basin
Green - Nordic Trails


Mountain Biking
We do not run the lifts during the off-season, but there are several service roads in the West, Central, and East Basins that are perfect for mountain biking.  Click here for a trail map.

Huckleberry Picking
Chewelah Peak is a well-known spot for huckleberry picking.  Berries are typically in season from mid July to early August, depending on the weather.  Sizes can range from as small as the tip of your little finger to the size of the tip of your thumb.  Under Forest Service rules, you are allowed to pick up to 3 gallons of huckleberries per day. Commercial picking is prohibited. For more info on huckleberries at 49° North, click here.

During most summers, the mountain is wide open for hiking.  The winter snowpack is usually gone by the 4th of July, but snow can linger in some shaded areas.  You can take an easy way to the summit, like Portal to Silver Ridge, or just head straight up.  

Early Summer Skiing

For the hard core, turns can be earned after the ski season ends in April.  Excellent conditions can exist all the way into June, and sometimes July.  Please be aware that snowmobilers are also allowed on the mountain after the season ends.  


If you do come up, please park in our Main Lot, North Lot, or Nordic Lot.  For those travelling to the East Basin or another outlying area on the mountain, please do not block any gates.  Visitors are asked to observe all posted signs as there may be construction or resort improvement projects underway.

Chewelah Peak is a beautiful, pristine place, and we would like to keep it that way.  Please pack out all garbage and help us preserve this important recreational resource.

Other Stuff
When spending the day in the mountains, its always a good idea to bring the ten essentials.
Smoking is prohibited in the Colville National Forest during the summer.

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